Recently we visited the site and Erik the head of volunteers was working with som local women in Paquera that started working onsite; He was along side Constentine from Majorca, Spain whom has stepped up and volunteered. Constantine and his family came all the way from Spain to build in Bellevue.

Constantine and Eric working hard…

The Turtle Project started by Carlos Solana has been a driving force for people coming together from all parts of the world. The community has stepped up and Bellevue brings in new partners.

Summer has started and the heat is on. This super sunny day was inspiring to see at least six volunteers and some from long distances enduring the sun and heat. Digging holes and enclosing the area so the nesting sites will not be disturbed.

Great to see women from the local community working so hard!

Erik explained that he has realeased with the team at least 650 turtles into the sea! Wow! Way to go Bellevue & Paquara along with global family members! Wooohooo! Yes to Thriving.

The sanctuary is being built bit by bit with great success.

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