Bellevue + Family Fun!

Halloween is coming and kids at Bellevue are getting ready!

Bellevue Entrance

Bellevue is all about fun, thriving, families and community.

Kids love Halloween and in Paquera the holiday is rarely celebrated. Bellevue is changing all that this year. Decorations are up. Costumes are being prepared and spooky vibes are coming up! Parties!

This community is about fun and thriving!

Entrance to Bellevue


Bellevue Community members get special discounts….


Yes, membership has its privileges. If you live at Bellevue and you’re looking for something unique maybe that particular item you can’t find here in Costa Rica? There is an answer for you. A special store that will give you amazing products with a 10% discount. Just mention that you live or you are building at Bellevue…

You will be pleasantly surprised at the extraordinary boutique items that you can find. That hard to get pineapple core or special insulated mug? Chocolates! French presses, cleaning products and things that you will not find elsewhere in this country. There’s so many things we can’t mention them all. Check the store out and mention that you would like your membership rewards.

This company has absolutely fabulous products have a great quality and you will not be disappointed! We love them!

The owner Stephane Norman is fabulous.

“Gourmet Ghetto”

Tempura Roll💫

Some places in California like to boost they are in fact the “gourmet ghetto’s”. We have our own gourmet ghetto right in this area. Paquera has Macho’s and Restaurante Liz Seafood next to Macho’s. They are both located side by side at the North end of town heading to Tambor. The food at these cafe’s are fabulous!

Spicy Tuna Roll🙌🏼

Now Restaurante Liz has sushi! Yes, the best sushi. They even have vegetarian sushi. It is super fresh and don’t be fooled–the rolls are huge. Family style would be great for this. The rolls range from tempura, caterpiller, salmon skin, vegi rolls. Amazing. And of course, the presentation is top notch. You can not find a better presentation any place! The prices are so reasonable. This is the best thing that has happened to dining in Paquera.

Don’t forget the seafood soup at Liz–it is out of the world. Also the sea bass, fresh catch and civeche are Amaaaazing!!!

Macho’s of course has the finest burger one can find. Huge, organic grass fed and has bacon, toppings and a real bun that is fresh; Everything about this beats any burger in the country. The casado’s are reasonably priced and fresh. Important note–The place has the best sangria and service!

Best Civeche 💫

Moving right along: Isla Chaquita is over the top in every way. Romance, business, visitors, birthdays or just a special dinner–this is the place that people say: Wow!

Isla Chaquita is a boutique glamping resort but they allow guests to visit for dinner reservation only. A private boat picks you up at the ferry landing by the ambulance parking spot on the north side of the dock. The ride is super special because of the bioluminescence. The water throws up amazing tuquoise glowing rainbows at night. This magic boat ride and dinner will amaze you in every way.

Once you are on the small island about 5 minutes from the ferry, you will be greeted by the best in hospitality. The dock is beautiful with fairy lights and romance exudes from the white sand, the patio tables and rustic bar. The bar is stocked with top shelf liquor and the menue is devine. The steak and lobster, chicken cordon bleu was a special favorite. The desserts are awesome. Everything about this place is special and memorable.

So much good food right now. We will feature more in coming blogs. Cheers and enjoy! This place is a gourmet gem.

Baby Turtules Set to Sea!

Yesterday, Carlos Solana and the conservation crew along with families and beach goer’s set out on a mission: The eggs that were laid and harvested, hatched, grew into baby turtles and they were set out on the beach.

New life at Playa Organos!

Instinctually, they knew where to head…..into the ocean. They know how to swim and survive so they they went! Out to sea……

The turtle eggs are laid in nests which are basically a pit or hole dug by the mother turtle. The eggs in this case were watched over and monitored regularly by a crew of conservationists.

The eggs were hatched and the baby turtles were nurtured by the conservationists. Some times the eggs can be disturbed by vandals, wild dogs or even people that consider them a delicacy. These eggs were all hatched and the results were amazing.

We have so much to enjoy in Playa Organos!

Off they go to the sea!

Isla Tortuga is the treasure of Costa Rica! And so close!

Pristine white sand beaches minutes away

There are several islands in Costa Rica that are worth including in your travel itinerary through the region, one of the most outstanding is Isla Tortuga . It is located off the southeast coast of the Nicoya Peninsula in the north of the country, located 12 nautical miles from Puntarenas.

It is one of those unique destinations that give you a pleasant experience, since it is not only a beautiful island with its beach and a large number of characteristic palm trees, it is also a historical site because it was part of the buccaneer pirate bands that embarked on the island ago. centuries.

From a distance out to sea, its shape resembles chelonians which means turtle in the ancient Huetar language, belonging to the indigenous people who populated part of the Central Pacific, hence its name.

One of my favorite adventures is to go with Bahia Rica to monkey island and then picnic and play in the waters at Isla Tortuga. There is amazing snorkeling and Bahia Rica or a local guide have gear. There is even a banana boat, great bars with coconut cocktails, the gift shop sells food and even wifi time.

You can go to the Playa Organos beach and ask a local boat tour guide to take you out for about 10 mill colones per person.

This is for sure worht the fun!
Some thing I do on a regular basis……

The snorkeling is magical!
The scenic wonders a Tortuga Island delight🎊
Wilbur comes to your boat with fresh oysters!
Wilbur make ceviche and fresh oysters right from his boat to yours!
Monkey man!

Monkey Island is a delight always a show.…

Gourmet Coming Soon!

A big question everyone asks:

Where to shop and get specialty items?

International Discount Store Soon @ Bellevue

Playa Organos is rustic, authentic and true Costa Rica; Everything we want in an adventurous Costa Rica life. Now we go deeper into “Lifestyle”.

What is life without great food, wine, snacks, drinks, pasta, gelato and more? Carlos Solana realized very quickly–He was a “foodie” and his community also loves the good life. So he set out on a mission to find the very best in specialty items and came up with a great solution! An International Discount Store at Bellevue.

A specialty store is in the works right now ordering everything one needs to entertain, snack, enjoy and
Thrive in Costa Rica. This store has cheeses, wines, special olives, oils and even cleaning supplies that are extra special. Gelato, pasta, pizzas, cookies, croutons, European sodas, hand crafted liquors and beers.

This store has everything you want and more. They will also offer text in orders to go. Pick up and a delivery service.

The store will be at your service, at your door and on the main road to the beach.

Waaaaaaait for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Authentic Gem of Costa Rica…

Organos Beach, Playa Organos

Organos Beach, Playa Organos, a quiet bay with a gray sandy beach, surrounded by jungle, with a large number of coconut trees and couple of  shacks, this is part of the dry forest.

Organos Beach Paquera Costa Rica

The bay is safe  and ideal for swimming, there are fun bodysurfing waves.

Organos Beach has an Ecological Blue Flag Award from the Ministry of Environment, for its cleanliness and eco quality.

Paquera Beach downtown

Organos Beach is just two miles from Paquera downtown It is almost a mile large, with an estuary or Óganos also has a mangrove on the northern, It is the most popular among locals from the surroundings, it has beautiful scenery and from its shoreline you can watch the Negritos Island and Tortugas Island.

Big Beach Clean UP @ Playa Organos…..September 18th

Many people gathered at Playa Organos today to clean up the winter beach.

During the winter/rainy season months, the beach becomes filled with plastics and trash. Of course this goes away with the storms but where does it all go? The ocean becomes polluted and so beach clean up days are vital for the life of a healthy planet.

Dennis, Elizabeth and their dog Cleaning 🇨🇷

Bellevue is a key part of CAPATUR which is the Tourism Board and Carlos Solana works tirelessly to help improve life at Bellevue, Playa Organos and Paquera. CAPATUR along with Carlos organized the beach clean up and about 20 people came out along with children.

Trucks and bags were filled and hauled away. It was a beautiful sunny bright Productive day at Playa Organos.

Thank you to Carlos, CAPATUR and everyone that came out to help!